Rage of the Age – Gurpreet Padda, A Doctor’s Insight
by admin | November 2, 2020 | Pain DoctorPodcast

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Gurpreet Padda. Dr. Padda is a graduate of the University of Missouri, Kansas City Medical School. He is board-certified in pain management, anesthesiology, and age management. He has been featured on Fox 2 Now in St. Louis, MO over the use of CBD oil for pain management. He is also an entrepreneur and real estate investor. Dr. Padda has started Red Pill Kapital, in his own words, “to help my fellow doctors attain financial independence and practice medicine on their own terms.” Doctors needing financial independence? Yes, we discuss that and much more.

Philip Sharp discusses in the essay segment the politicization of the medical field. What effects is it having and what are the consequences of placing healthcare further into the hands of government control?

The AviationZorro Podcast – Financial Well-being and Awareness with Dr. Gurpreet Padda
by admin | November 3, 2020 | Pain DoctorPodcast

Aviation United by AviationZorro chatted with Doctor and Red PIll Kapital (Commerical Real Estate Investment, development, and management company, with a focus on creating asymmetric returns for its investors) Founder Dr. Gurpreet Padda. The podcast explains Dr. Gurpreet’s background, What is Financial Well-being/Awareness, Financial difficulty and the impact on Mental-Health and Well-being, Why we love to spend money, the cost of training to become an Aviation Professional compared to the return in that investment, is it advisable to have a financial advisor, how to manage money, An overview of Red Pill Kapital.com. Dr. Gurpreet has offered a Complimentary course worth $975 Dollars to listeners of this podcast. All you have to do is, listen to the podcast, reach out to Dr. Padda and let his team know you listened to the AviationZorro Podcast with Dr. Gurpreet Padda. https://redpillkapital.com/ info@redpillk.comDisclaimer: This podcast and website represent the opinions of AviationZorro and our guests to the show and website.

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Physician salaries and income may be high, but their expenses are also high
by admin | November 3, 2020 | Pain Doctor

Physician salaries and income may be high, but their expenses are also high. Physicians’ hyper-specialization into the medical field isolates them from the world of finance and money. This lack of financial understanding is having a huge impact on physician retirement and financial stability. We went to medical school to care for and improve humanity. We sacrificed the majority of our adult lives to help patients,… to help save their lives. We’ve spent so much of our brainpower caring for our patients, we have ignored and stunted our own financial future. We assumed that by doing good for others, we would do well for ourselves. Unfortunately, it’s simply not true. The financial rules have all changed. We have to adapt to this new world, or we’ll die extremely highly educated, but extremely broke.

Are you a physician interested in creating true wealth, but overwhelmed with all the information and don’t know where to start? At Red Pill Kapital, we are physicians just like you. We recognize your time is valuable, and are here to help simplify and streamline the process for you. Our mission is to empower you, as a physician investor, by providing you with a clear and concise map to navigate commercial real estate investments. We do this by leveraging our knowledge and network, to bring you investment opportunities. We partner with experienced sponsors, who have proven track records so you can confidently put your hard-earned money to work. What differentiates us from other investment groups is that we have direct and personal knowledge in commercial real estate development and management, having personally been in the construction industry before starting medical school. We have true hands-on experience of real estate construction, development, finance, and tenant, toilets and termites. We currently directly own several hundred units of multifamily and over 2 million square feet of commercial space. We have also joint ventured into real estate syndications, of close to a thousand units of multifamily.

How do you get started? Just follow these four easy steps.

Step 1:

Sign up. Visit us at www.redpillkapital.com, and sign up under the Contact tab. Fill out our investor questionnaire so we can better understand your investment philosophy and goals.

Step 2:

We will then connect with you personally, so we thoroughly understand your goals and desires, and make certain they align with our processes and capacity. We want to assure ourselves and you, that you are an accredited investor with similarly aligned goals.

Step 3:

If we are synergistic in our goals, we will advise you of potential investment opportunities as they arise. Keep in mind that we reject over 99% of the opportunities we evaluate, literally pursuing 1 out of roughly 150 transactions.

Step 4:

Once you review the available opportunity, and if it meets your needs, you confirm your interest in investing alongside us. The deal sponsor will then contact you directly with the legal documentation.

Each deal is unique, but usually closes two to four weeks after funding is complete. Approximately six months after closing, investors will begin to receive regular updates on their investment, including a K-1 tax form annually. Distributions to the investors typically occur on a monthly or quarterly basis. As a passive investor, you are not the landlord. Instead, you’re a fractional owner in the property; meaning you can take advantage of the benefits of investing, but leave the tenants, toilets and termites to the deal sponsors.

If you have any questions, please email me directly at info@redpillkapital.com and that’s capital with a K.

Red Pill Kapital is a physician-owned commercial real estate investment, and education company.

It allows you to invest passively alongside us. We find the property. We find the investment group. We create and validate the plan. We figure out how to improve the cash flow. We negotiate the deal. We manage and oversight the asset. Your passive investment provides you with an opportunity to earn an income, without the 9:00 to 9:00, because physicians never work 9:00 to 5:00. We create a unique business strategy that fits your financial investment goals, because we understand the specific needs of physician professionals.