Opportunity Zones (OZs)

Dramatically Reduce Your Capital Gains Taxes By Investing In Opportunity Zones (Pay As Little As $0)

What Are Opportunity Zones?

OZs were created to boost economic activity in selected census tracts across the country. According to Brookings Institute, there are 8700+ US Census Tracts designated as Opportunity Zones, of which 19% are in already gentrifying areas.

What Is An Opportunity Fund?

The tax reform bill added Opportunity Funds as a new way to incentivize investment in specific communities called Opportunity Zones (OZs). An OZ Fund is an investment vehicle that invests at least 90% of its holdings in real estate within a qualified OZ.

Why Invest In Opportunity Funds?

Opportunity Funds enable investors to defer federal taxes on recent capital gains until Dec 31, 2026, have that payment reduced by up to 15%, and pay as little as zero taxes on profits from an Opportunity Fund if that investment is held for 10 years.

How Investors Benefit

After selling an asset such as stocks or bonds, real estate, or interest in a partnership, an investor usually triggers a capital gain. These investors can receive special tax benefits by rolling their gain into an Opportunity Fund. The three primary reasons to roll your capital gain into an Opportunity Fund are:
Defer The Tax Payment

of your capital gains until Dec 31, 2026

Reduce The Tax

you owe by up to 15% after 7 years

Pay Zero Tax

on gains from an Opportunity Fund

How Investors Benefit

Held For 5 Years – 90% Of Original Capital Gain Invested Is Subject To Tax
Held For 7 Years – 85% Of Original Gain Is Taxed
Held For 10 Years – The OZ Investment Step-Up In Basis To Market Upon Disposition, Resulting In No Taxable Gain
“$6.1 trillion is the total estimated unrealized capital gains that both American households ($3.8 trillion) and American corporations ($2.3 trillion) hold. Out of which, most experts believe OZ Funds will redirect as much as $100 Billion dollars into these regions.”

How Big Is The Opportunity?

Total # Of Opp Zones
Of US Population
Of US Tracts In List

Our Unique Data-Driven Approach To Identifying Attractive Markets

We narrowly focus on investing in high-quality real estate in major US cities with long-term growth potential. We plan to take on massive value-add properties and new developments in Opportunity Zones to maximize cash flow and returns. OZ projects vary a great deal in quality; most OZs simply do not have the income, population or jobs to support new construction projects and a majority of OZ projects will not have positive outcomes for investors.

We specialize in the use of demographics and real estate data analytics to find and acquire only high-quality investments. We are specifically seeking out exceptional OZ projects by filtering markets, neighborhoods, and developer partners. Approximately 5-8% of all OZs are actually gentrifying neighborhoods with improving demographics; the rest are highly speculative and not investment-grade.